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CUSTOM-DEVELOPED NFT MARKETPLACE: Can Be Integrated Into Your Domain With Your Branding.

Order a Cifris franchise and we will integrate it into your website without additional development and programming


Payments: are done with stablecoin BUSD via a crypto wallet.

Cifris works only with the BUSD stablecoin, which allows you to predict income and save companies from volatility. BUSD is one of the most trusted and stable cryptocurrencies in the worlds


Royalty system: Earn passive income every time your product is sold.

After installing the franchise, you get the highest percentage of royalties - up to 10%


Certificate of Authenticity: after the release of the NFT, you will receive the online passport of the item.

The PDF passport proves the genuineness of the product and the right of ownership once the item is purchased.


MARKETPLACE: Sale of tokenized items

is possible at a fixed price or can be put up for auction

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